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Introducing Rob Pickering


During 20+ years in business the constant for Rob was always his love of training and inspiring people to develop their skills. Not content with skills in one area of business, Rob worked tirelessly at developing his knowledge across all areas. "I just love learning! When I meet someone really smart, or see a great idea, I have to understand it fully" says Rob. Of course knowing something and being able to teach it are two very different things; He has the patience and the focus to do whatever it takes to get the enthusiasm and knowledge across. Everyone learns differently and he understand that his role is to adapt to others. This is one of the skills of coaching that he really enjoys.

As an experienced Business Coach, Rob is committed to helping Business Owners achieve greater success. Regular topics include:

  • Work-life balance – having to work too many hours in the business
  • Staff issues – recruiting, training, teamwork… or dealing with staff that just don’t care
  • Marketing – knowing why current strategies aren’t working and what would work better
  • Sales – How to understand customer needs, sell more, attract more customers – and keep them
  • Profit – if you make good profit, the rest becomes easier

Most often Rob works with businesses that are already successful and profitable; Perhaps you’re doing OK but wondering what the next step should be? How to get to the next level of growth, the next level of profit, or even wondering about exit options. As your coach, Rob will start by finding out what’s really important to you. This can be harder to put into words than you’d imagine, but achieving it is liberating. The clarity of knowing where you’re going makes it easy to work out what your options are.

Asked why business owners need a coach, Rob explains "I’ve yet to meet a business owner who has been trained to own and run a business! The chances are that they started out with a great idea, or a skill, a product, a trade or profession, and got straight down to making money. Pretty soon they discover the reality that the ideal business owner is some unattainable blend of born leader, financial expert, marketing guru, high-performance salesperson, and psychologist to understand how to handle staff. Isn’t it amazing that to become any one of those things you’d need to study for upward of three years at university, yet you can become a business owner in three minutes that it takes to register a company and start employing staff.".

How can you tell me how to run my business?

Business owners who’ve run their business for years will know it very well and wonder how a coach can know how to do it better?. Rob explains "Actually I don’t tell you how to run your business, or do it for you. Chances are that you know your business pretty well. But what I understand is that all businesses have many similarities and share the same ‘chassis’ underneath. I’ll work with you to see where your strengths lie, and also help you see where you can do more. Imagine what great news it is if you identify something you’re not doing very well. Great news? Absolutely! When we work on improving it, you’ll get even better results than you already are. We’ll look at all the things you could work on, then you’ll choose which are your priorities and which to work on first.".

As a business coach, Rob works with clients in five main areas. The emphasis on each depends on your needs, type of business, and individual goals. The key areas are: Sales; Marketing; Team Building and Recruitment; Systems and Business Development; and Customer Service

The goal is to help you spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business. In the end, you’ll be spending only as much total time working as you choose and be making more money. Rob adds enthusiastically "I’d also like to help you put the FUN back in your business and your life. I love the work I do, I genuinely look forward to the start of each day. Let me show you how you can enjoy running your business too.".

How much does coaching cost?

This is the question on everyone’s mind once they realise the benefits of coaching. But the thing is, it doesn’t actually cost anything. You might think this is just some clever sales ploy, so allow us to explain. Before we agree to work with you, we’ll need to assess your business. Only if we believe that you can make significantly more profit than you’d be paying will we consider taking the next step. We offer a guarantee: By week 17 of coaching you’ll be making more incremental profit or savings than you’re investing in coaching, otherwise we continue without charge until you do. (You can click to read our 17 week / 7 point guarantee). Rob says "You can rest assured that I only work with clients I can help improve their business. Please think of it as an investment: Whatever you invest in coaching each month, you’ll get a higher amount of profit in return.". That’s our commitment and we stand by it.

We have a choice of coaching programs and aim to help anyone who’s willing to work and help themselves. Even if you’re starting a new business or struggling, we’ve got something that can help. We have free seminars, e-books and videos. If the business isn’t big enough to warrant a full coaching program then you can buy select a block of hours to call off as needed and work at your own pace. We run planning workshops where you can join other business owners and be guided to complete a written plan of actions for the following 90-days. And for larger companies we offer team programs and executive coaching to help your key employees to work effectively to meet your goals. Whatever your need, we can help.

Coaching works!

Every business is different and the aspects we would work on in your business would be unique to you. You’re welcome to speak to past and existing clients and you’ll find some of them listed on the Testimonials page. If you’d like to see clients and coaches talking about how coaching works, watch this video below. It’s about 20 minutes long and includes lots of different examples. Don’t take our word for it, watch the video:

If you’ve reached this far, you’re obviously interested to know if coaching can help you with your business. It’s time to stop thinking about doing something and get into Action! There’s no time like the present, right now, to get started on achieving your goals. If you’re ready to move your business to the next level, contact Rob today by email or by phone. He’ll guide you through a series of questions to understand your needs, and help you understand whether coaching can help.

Pick up the phone and call Rob now on 01183 400351.

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